Why DataBright?

We have a full-stack approach to our services, providing you with a complete, repeatable and reliable end solution.  

Datawarehouse Modernization

Any organisation that depends on data to better serve their customers, streamline their operations, and lead their industry will benefit from a Modern Data warehouse.

  • From monitoring end-user behaviour and business processes to analysing customer sentiment, cutting-edge cloud data warehouse technology can significantly improve a company’s operations.
  • Besides checking historical data, using internal, external and third-party data can aid companies to spot and capitalise on trends, thereby disrupting their industry before an unknown or unforeseen competitor does so first.

Analytics Consultancy

Analytics has grown from the structured data sets from the 1970’s stored in Oracle databases to the semi-structured data produced by internal, external and mostly web-based third-party data. With a large-number of data-savvy experts in organisations there is a need for a new type of Business Intelligence that allows these users to access data and answer questions.

  • Answering questions is not about learning new programming languages, but about asking the right questions and being able to easily find the answers. Transforming the business language into a Modelling Layer allows for easy questions, which produce consistent and accurate results.
  • Once you have the answer you are looking for, sharing it should be easy by using the right type of visualisations. Allowing business users and customers to access data through the web without installing heavy software.

AI/ML Acceleration

AI is everywhere. It’s in our phones, cars, shopping experiences, romantic matchmaking, hospitals, banks, and all over the media. Companies who haven’t found a way to implement AI in their core product offering, risk the change of being outperformed by their competitors.

  • Modernising your data warehouse and implementing a business intelligence solution on top, is only the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. The real value is in using the data that you are collecting and storing, to develop new products and services or improve existing ones.
  • Applying AI and ML is not about replacing people, but about automating processes that are repetitive and require precision, while at the same time freeing up people to focus on tasks that they are better at.

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