Growth hacking is one of the most valuable disciplines for start-ups and scale-ups. The art of growth hacking requires a combination of growth hacking skills and the use of the right tools. For growth hackers, the emphasis is often on the gadget content of the tools. For example, how do you find out how you can best address someone? For that you use Crystalknows . How do you find out the email address of a prospect? Perhaps you are familiar with Hunter or Lusha. But which analytics setup do you use for your data analysis? And why this setup? Let’s look at the basics of what we actually want to analyze.

Data Warehouse Growth

To be successful in growth hacking, data skills are central. Providing insight into the actions you take to achieve growth is essential. The incredibly extensive landscape of fantastic tools creates a proliferation of data sources. With tools like Zapier you then try to have all these data sources automatically write data to Hubspotin HubDB, but although this is a relational data store, this is not a robust solution for your analytics workload. You will most likely find it important that as you grow, you also want to know where you are from, therefore it is important to create a data warehouse. Building a historical data set in which different data sources can be combined. In this way you can enrich the insights from your data with other data from, for example, other departments within your organization. Unfortunately, as a growth hacker you are quickly confronted with the limitations of a traditional data warehouse. Saving social media data in the form of json or avro files, for example, is not possible. And the scalability often leaves something to be desired. Fortunately Snowflakemakesit is possible to easily set up a Data Warehouse as a Service in the cloud. A data warehouse in which both structured data and semi-structured can be stored. A large variety of tools can then be connected to it via SQL through an ODBC / JDBC link. A fantastic way to set up an excellent scalable data warehouse solution.

Growth Analytics Dashboard

Visualize and structurally embed the insights you get from the data through a dashboard. You want to be able to share these insights within your organization in order to get the right information to the right person. Because you use BI tools like Lookerwithin your organization, can easily share the url, you no longer have to send datasets. This makes sharing insights less prone to errors and safer. A single source of truth and end-to-end data governance thus become reality. A big advantage of Looker is the possibility of ah-hoc exploration in the brower. The moment you want to delve deeper into the data, you can start your own analysis from the dashboard, where you can add or remove multiple data fields. That way, anyone with the right information can come to new insights. You can spread the growth mindset in your organization in this way, via a robust platform.

In my opinion, the best analytics stack for growth hacking is based on Snowflake and Looker. Can it be different, for sure. But the scalability, flexibility and unique features that this combination makes possible ensure that you can serve the entire organization from within your growth team. An enterprise grade solution, with which you stimulate data-driven working for everyone in your company.

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