Everyone understands that data and analytics have more relevance than ever before. Not a day goes by that you as an individual do not generate data, a quick look at social media, a journey by public transport or a visit to the hairdresser, it all generates data.

Nevertheless, making data available for analysis and gaining insights is a difficult matter. Like holiday photos, data is often stored on a heavy, bulky external hard disk that reappears once every six months, for example when new snapshots have to be removed from the memory card. Unfortunately, this still works for most large companies. Data is stored for the long term in cumbersome data warehouse systems.

But what if you could always have your data available? Without the hassle of managing and maintaining data warehouse systems. Wouldn’t it save a lot of time and money if you can access your data right away?

A data warehouse in the cloud offers the solution for this, because you store your data in the cloud, it is infinitely scalable, you do not have to purchase expensive infrastructure and you therefore do not have to manage this. As if you can continue to shoot infinite photos, without having to worry about the memory card and you always have all your photos to hand.

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