Sharing data (data sharing) offers enormous benefits. Every company works with suppliers, customers and partners to be successful. These collaborations can be intensified by sharing data. Wouldn’t it be great if, for example, you could see real-time exact stock numbers from a supplier and vice versa the supplier would have direct access to your exact sales figures. This degree of transparency ensures that you can better respond to each other’s needs, and you can also build new information products on top of this data.


A few years ago, blockchain, the underlying technology of the bitcoin, was the holy grail, which was to make vertical integration into the value chain possible. By creating a shared distributed ledger, every link in the chain can gain access to the shared data. However, the applications of blockchain technology remain behind and it appears that the input of incorrect data cannot be excluded by the technology. Yet data sharing is not something that is reserved for blockchain technology alone.

Data Sharing Infrastructure

The most common way to make data available to third parties is to make data available via an API. Based on an API, data can be consumed by parties who have the option of integrating the API made available into their own platform. A process that requires many development hours from both sides and leads to a solution that is not very flexible and requires a lot of maintenance.

A party that takes a radically different approach is Snowflake Computing. In the following example we will discuss the data sharing infrastructure that Snowflake Computing makes possible at the database level. By creating a share from your browser in your Snowflake cloud data warehouse, you can give third parties access to individual tables and views within your data warehouse. By means of a “secure view” you can determine yourself which part of a table is available for consumption and moreover the underlying table can never be reached by a data consumer. By sharing data as a data provider with Snowflake, you can safely share data without worrying about infrastructure. See the image below to see how DataBright can help your company successfully share data.

By working together with DataBright for Data Sharing with Snowflake you can make optimal use of the Snowflake Data Sharing Rebate Program . Because you as Data Provider make data available to Data Consumers (eg partners, customers) you can get a discount on your own Snowflake Datawarehouse when you use that data.

Are you interested in a cloud data warehouse or do you want to know how Snowflake Data Sharing fits into your infrastructure? Then contact us.