We cannot ignore it, everyone works or comes into contact with data. Marketing, Logistics, Finance, you name it. Analyzing spreadsheets is no longer just an activity in the boardroom. This requires change. Where previously dictated by ICT, monthly reporting was provided to management, we now want us to always have the right data available everywhere, and preferably in real time.

Everyone wants their own reports and dashboards. End users are increasingly demanding ICT access at the database level and they will work with the data themselves. Just like in Excel you can create fantastic visualisations of the data in tools such as Tableau and PowerBI. But how do you ensure that the data reported on is correct? Which figures are leading? How are the calculated values ​​calculated? Because of this proliferation of information, often different versions of the truth arise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could facilitate the initiative of these end users in a controlled way from ICT?

Cloud Analytics

By opting for a cloud analytics solution you can encourage end users to do their own data exploration within an IT-managed platform. Because of this you offer all users a single version of the truth and all insights that these users make are derived from a solid foundation. The data is made available in a cloud analytics platform from the browser and therefore no longer needs to be downloaded or prepared for analysis. You no longer need to share analyzes via email, but you can share a URL. Anyone can create their own dashboards in the cloud environment, without compromising the quality of the data.

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