DataBright is a Data Science & Analytics consultancy firm that helps companies transform their data platform, by developing data strategies, modernising their data warehouse, implementing state-of-the-art business intelligence tools and levering data science to develop new products and services. We believe in combining the latest academic research with the practical experience learned from building actual infrastructures and products within fast-growing companies.

With over years of experience in corporate, startup and consulting, we are able to help our clients with a range of topics and challenges. From building the data architecture that allows a startup to scale in both size and data usage, to enterprises who need to replace their existing infrastructure to not only compete but outsmart their competition.


Dwayne Gefferie
Dwayne GefferieDirector of Data Science & Analytics
Specialised in: Data Strategy, Business Intelligence & Data Science
Wesley Nitikromo
Wesley NitikromoDirector of Partnerships
Specialised in: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Cloud Infrastructure

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